“PuccinInsieme al Sommo Poeta”: Choral Composition Competition

The Puccini Choral Society of Grosseto will celebrate Dante’s 700th anniversary with a series of concerts and also by proposing the first edition of a Choral Composition Competition “Puccininsieme a Il Sommo Poeta”.

The Choral Society’s artistic director Maestro Walter Marzilli explains that composers of any nationality / residence and any age will be invited to submit compositions based upon texts by Dante Alighieri. The strong link between the written Word and Music will contribute to the spread of appreciation of the supreme poet especially among the new generation. The name of the competition “Puccininsieme” which the Choral Society has been using since 2008 for each competition event organized for the purpose of promoting passion and musical culture especially among the new generation, conveys the important values of inclusivity and sharing. The Competition’s conditions for acceptance will include: the requirement of maximum intelligibility of the text, the verification of the texts through those published by the Italian Dante Society,. The conditions will allow for the possibility of partial modification / paraphrasing of the text but this will be subject to judgment and the expert opinion of the association “La Maremma per Dante”, and will include the requirement the performance of amateur choir compositions. The conditions are all aimed at contributing to the dissemination of Dante’s texts without loss of their integrity.

There are two categories of compositions: for choir with mixed voices in 4/8 parts, a cappella or with piano / organ accompaniment, and for mixed choir in up to 4 parts, a cappella. The deadline for registration is fixed for 11 April 2021, with the announcement of the winners by 31 May 2021. The compositions accepted for the Choral Composition Competition will be judged by an international jury of at least 5 members, all professionals with specific and recognized qualifications in the internazionale fields of music and the arts.

The winning and / or reported pieces will be performed for the first time by the organizing choir, The Puccini Choral Society, during their final concert at the end of November 2021 at the theater in Grosseto as part of the Tuscany Festival, closing the season of Dante Alighieri events.